Family Session tips...remember #5

Being the photographer behind that camera, I sometimes have completely different thoughts of how a session is going than my models actually do and Ive learned a few things over the years. Ive paid attention to things my clients' faces have told why did I wear these shoes with heels to a mountain session? why did I bring that snack pouch that just exploded all over my daughters dress? why didn't I bring a jacket to keep warm on a 40 degree day? Yes, all of these things and more have happened! I have a little list here of some of the most important things to remember when you are preparing for your family session. 


1. You have to want these images, it cannot be a chore. That can mean embracing the conditions of your session. Lets face it, Colorado isn't exactly a the beacon of predictable weather and quite honestly, I love that! Chances are if you've hired me before, you know that about me...I love the wind and can create magic around it if you can embrace it! Understand that if your little one isn't fully cooperating its probably because this isn't a normal activity in their lives and they may need some grace and gentle coaxing in order to redirect. Remember how important these intimate moments are to you and know that the end result is something you will cherish. 

2. Dress yourself and your kids/family members in clothing that is comfortable, and you can move freely in and that photographs well. Clothing can be so restricting sometimes, a starched button down shirt or a fitted knee length skirt, both lovely articles of clothing, but maybe not the best choices for a outdoor Colorado scene or in home lifestyle session. Again, if you've worked with me before or are familiar with my style, I will have you sitting or laying down in the beautiful grasses of a feild, I'll have you skipping down the dirt path, twirling your kiddos or laying in bed with your newborn baby...I may even ask you play in the creek water! All of my sessions come with a wardrobe consult so I am happy to review clothing options with you.

3. Don’t worry about kids smiling at the camera, they are going to be themselves at some point in our time together and I promise I will capture it! Getting caught up in the "smile" can be very stressful for everyone and that can set a tone for your family session. 

4. Leave the snacks, treats and bribes in the car for when the sessions over. Too many times, a bag full of all of this comes along with the session and a few things happen, the kids are completely distracted by the bag of heavenly goodies and don't want to take pictures or your kids are in a wonderful shot with a carrot in their hand or peanut butter and jelly across their face. I want your hands to be free to hold and play with them, and both you and your children to be enjoying the present moments. 

5.  Trust the photographer you have hired. If you have chosen a photographer that is a good fit for your needs, put your trust in them to make real, timeless, true images of the moments you and your family want captured.

When it boils down to it, the more relaxed and comfortable you are, the better time you will all have for your family session. I'd be happy to talk more in depth with you about setting up an indoor or outdoor family session this season! No question is too silly! Contact me & ask away!!