A Fresh 48 session | what is it?

I bet there are a handful of you wondering just what a Fresh 48 session is and my very simple answer is this, your fresh 48 session will be some of the most real and organic moments you can have documented of your new baby.  Because these images are made so soon after birth (within 48 hours), not only will your raw emotions of new love and adoration be captured but so will these first hours of navigating a new life with this baby. 

These hours are filled with firsts...the first time your little baby latches on, the first time you wrap them yourselves, the first time they meet their siblings, and so on. It is a very special time because it is when new physical bonds between the you and your baby begin, it is overwhelming and emotional and deserves to be celebrated.

When I had my daughter, I remember looking down at her and feeling a rush of emotions - love & fear being the most abundant. I was now in charge of this tiny human's life, I would now have to teach and protect her in all the right ways. What were those ways? How would I ever know? Was there someone who would tell me all the answers? Then...just when I thought my brain couldn't think of one of more questions ask myself I would blink, look at  her again and feel a love so permanent and so big that I could barely breathe. She was everything I ever wanted and she was here....in my arms. 

My Freshies are very casual, with little pressure to be dressed or have the perfect plan of your baby's photographs. I will come to you at your place of delivery and photograph details, developing bonds, the meeting of siblings, crying, laughing, sleeping and just navigating those first few hours of parenthood. I try to keep my visit with you short since there is so much going on, but in the approximately 45 minutes I am there I will capture plenty to be able to deliver a 35-45 image viewing gallery for you. Most of my sessions are done in the mornings, so you can have the rest of  the day to rest and see visitors! If you would click to view my pricing for this session and others (including a full newborn session), please visit my WELCOME GUIDE.

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